2020, everything, everything


So this is the part of the year when I write my one post for the year, all year. It was also a pandemic year, and a year in which many things of note happened that seemed like they were last year but hey 2020. So Australia was on fire, then everything locked down and then the US had an election and we’re still more than 3 weeks from the end of the year. But here’s the writing things that happened, as is tradition.

The big thing that happened this year was getting into the finals of the Eugie Foster Memorial Award, first time getting nominated for an award! It went to the hugely deserving Siobhan Carroll for “For He Can Creep”. I also got to do panel work this year! One for the Eugie award and another as a moderator for Fiyahcon!

This year has been notably slow for writing for me and for many others, but I did have some stuff out!

Here’s where you can read them and a quick summary of what they meant to me.

Ana, Descending – House of Zolo

A weird story about an artist with imposter syndrome who ventures into the depths of the future internet to bargain with mad AI gods for the soul of their mother. Of course there’s a pun in the title, talking about the descent of Inanna, one of the classic go to hell and rescue someone stories. This story had some extensive reworking to remove harmful tropes about Ana’s identity.

The Last Trophy Of Hunter Hammerson – Hexagon Magazine

Another strange experiment in form for me. The Last Trophy takes the form of a draft newspaper article, with editor comments in the margins. It was deeply inspired by Sarah Gailey’s STET in Fireside. While the core story is about monster hunters and dirty tricks, there were attempts to do something with the horror in the meta with the reporter also falling prey to the same monster that defeated the hunter.

Sonata – Metaphorosis

My second novella! Betrayal and high fantasy steampunk in a world run where music can be converted into physical force. Sona, a young mute scion of a noble house, is on the hunt for revenge against the father that ordered his assassination. He falls in with Shailani, a retired soldier diverted from her own quest. I really do need to return to this world and finish up the story.

Carving You Out Of Memory – Black Telephone Magazine

A story that languished in the war chest for a long time. One of those that’s sort of in-between for me, not very SFF. I didn’t sub it anywhere for a long time, but I saw the call for Black Telephone and it seemed perfect for this little revenge piece.

Seven Scraps Unwritten – Metaphorosis

This isn’t quite a list story, but I tried to do the world building through various fragments around a city built around and run like a university. Proud of this one though.