2019 Everything Published

It’s something when the only two updates on the writing site are last year’s summary post and this year’s. One of those years. Writing productivity has dropped precipitously this year, blame the day job. While I had ten stories published last year, I’ve only got five out this year (maybe six, but two of them are reprints). I’m no less proud of the work I’ve done, even if I doubt that I’ll be able to return to the productivity of my previous years any time soon.

I’ve got two stories lined up for 2020, one unannounced and another novella at Metaphorosis, representing one of the longest things I’ve ever written. But that’s a story for next year.

This year, the stories I have out are here, listed in chronological order of publication, along with a little blurb about the story. If you have any spare voting space, I’d be honored if you considered The House Wins In The End, which is one of the favourite things I’ve written, published in one of my favourite venues.


Reprint: The Sound Of His Voice Like The Colour Of Salt – Podcastle

I’ve thought this story one of my better ones, and I’m glad that it found a new lease of life over at Podcastle. It was never narrated at The Dark, and Podcastle has done a fantastic job with this one, as they do with all of their pieces.


To Build A Bridge Out Of Song – Translunar Travelers Lounge

I went weird with this one. The Cowherd and Weaver Girl story is already slightly disjointed. It’s been genderswapped, set in World War 2 Singapore, converted into a tale with Steampunk, talking animals and reincarnated lovers. It’s about as allegorical as the source material, so don’t expect it to make much sense.


The House Wins In The End – The Dark

I love this piece to bits. Haunted houses! Creepy ghosts! Escaping from the haunting of your own trauma! I just liked the image of someone peeling open a C-section scar and a baby’s hand coming out. That’s all I’ll say about the story. One of the few stories I’ve written that’s flat out horror.


Sealskin – Zooscape

Cassandra Khaw had a little writing prompt up a year ago, and this story about someone who loves a Selkie was born. This version is a little longer and bloodier than the one on Twitter.


I Close My Eyes And Dream Your Dreams – Empyreome

This story was originally meant to be much longer, but I boiled it down to sets of twins who served as communications relays for space exploration. A short and punchy piece to start the year.

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